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Your monthly podcast for slow travel, counter-culture, natural wine, ethical food, great music and celebrating life!
The Gallery Podcast, engaging stories, with a monthly live show from The Gallery Café Wine Bar in Westport with Tom Ramwell and special guests from around the world.

Hello friends, my name is Tom Ramwell and this is The Gallery Podcast, where an inspiring array of interesting people join me in mellifluous conversation, as we hike through hidden valleys, pedal through paved cities and weave our way through cobbled streets.

I'd love to hear your voice, and invite you to enjoy this exciting journey with me, as we meander through a maze of interesting subjects, make friends and new connections along our way, and discuss varied aspects of what it means to be a spiritual being in a human form.

We'll chat about natural wine & ethical food, their producers and the team behind them, we will meet remarkable people, hear inspiring travel stories and wander with these playful adventurers together. Join in our cultural commentary and help protect Mother Earth, our home, in the process. Please support me and let's make a splash as we explore this journey of self-discovery and love.

Each month we will focus on a particular topic, person, event or place, some shows will be live and others pre-recorded, and they will be transcribed for you to read also.

Thank you, I look forward to our journey together.

Tom Ramwell

Thursday 12th January 2023

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