Respecting Nature
Welcome to Wild Wines

We spend time carefully sourcing beautifully crafted wines, that are made in tune with nature and that complement the Irish market and palate.

We are conscious of offering affordable, quality wines sustainably produced from indigenous grape varieties. We choose each wine with a strong focus on your customers, to match their needs and what they are looking for in a wine, and what they may not know will soon be their new favourite.

With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality and wine industry led to the birth of Wild Wines, where each Wild Wine is a perfect pairing for modern Irish fare.

Wild Wines are sustainably produced from indigenous grapes and handpicked for the Irish hospitality market.

Our roots grew from designing wine lists for restaurants along the Wild Atlantic Way. Wild Wines are now fortunate to work with the best of the best in the Irish hospitality industry. We pride ourselves on creating a portfolio of wines your customer will love.

The Wild Wines portfolio represents wines from a range of countries and with our main focus on those wines that are organic, biodynamic, unfiltered and low in SO2, they are generally hand-harvested wines and fermented using naturally occuring yeasts - tailor-made for modern, fresh Irish fare.

Our wines range from the tried and trusted varietals (with a wild spin) to wines that will seduce your customers & some they may never have heard of, that we're sure will be a new menu or house favourite!

Contact us for a tasting to see how Wild Wines will level up your menu.

Wild Wines delivers within 48 hours. Wild Wines delivers anywhere within the Republic of Ireland.

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