The Luminous Wine Community presents:
The world's first natural wine course exploring spiritual terroir and regenerative thinking.
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“Wine is a symphony of terroir, elemental tapestry woven by tradition, and human connection. Let us cherish it as a symbol of harmony, of the beauty and balance that exists when we intertwine in harmony. Like us, wine is either medicine or poison, a journey of its own birth and a story of its own destiny."
“Wine is a symphony of terroir, tapestry woven from the threads of nature, tradition, and human connection. Let us cherish it as a symbol of the harmonious balance we seek, a testament to the beauty that exists when man and nature intertwine in harmony."
— Tom Ramwell, Archer/Centaur

The Natural Wine Course is the first of its kind, in the world. Venture with us as we dish up the dirt on soil, look into the role of wine on the environment and discover our own sense of place in the process.

Join in the regenerative revolution as we ask, what is our terroir as individuals, and how can we use one of the oldest, and most used, mind-altering substances to explore this theme to focus on sustainable, positive solutions to some of the issues raised within its inquiry?

Local organic bread and natural wine in Frontemura Vineyard in Northern Italy.
Why did I make this course?

Having studied countryside conservation and Environmental Science, and after working with 'spirited' young people and adults in a variety of settings, I came into the wine world by accident, through my photography. Working in the wine trade for nearly a decade now, I've noticed how 'natural wine' is distributed, sold and consumed and apart from it being gentrified, I've also noticed a divided culture.

Natural wines are very trendy right now and have been steadily growing in popularity in recent years. As the owner of Ireland's first natural wine bar, on discovering 'natural wines' I consciously chose to only stock organically farmed wines (as the bare minimum standard) because this is the right thing to do for all concerned, and it's one way to reduce the strain on the earth and its resources.

Regenerative farming also helps to fix carbon in the soil, generally, this method means a smaller scale production, which in turn, increases the biodiversity of the area and gives a more accurate representation of the wines' terroir.

I would like to change the way people think, and encourage original and regenerative thought processes, I'd like to influence businesses to take more of a lead in driving forward regenerative agriculture in their own communities. I'd like to see a massive reduction in how wine impacts the earth and this is what this course is about. In fact, it is much more than a course, it is a chance to support a movement and raise the vibrational frequencies of an entire industry. Together we can make a difference. Buy the course, do the course, and take action.
The natural wine course
Why does the world need this course?

Now, more than ever, there is a need for us to re-evaluate our relationship with ourselves and our impact on Mother Earth, especially when it comes to the way we consume. Natural wine represents a wonderful opportunity to bring together like-minded individuals, bars, companies, communities and organisations to ensure that the wine world is no longer accepting anything less than the upmost respect for our planet.

  • Q:
    What does the global wine market look like financially?
    According to a report by IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, as of 2020, the global revenue of conventional wines was $327 billion (and is expected to reach 404.6 billion U.S. dollars by 2027), while the global revenue of natural wines was much lower at $1.8 billion, representing just 0.5% of the total market.

    If you do a 10km run, you're not going to wear trainers that are too small, too big or that are just uncomfortable, so why would you drink a wine that is made by a massive, profit-driven organisation, or that has been manipulated with chemicals and non-natural yeasts etc?
  • Q:
    What does the global wine market look like geographically?
    The global vineyard surface area is estimated to be 7.3 mha in 2021, only marginally lower compared to 2020 (-0.3%). The world area under vines refers to the total surface area planted with vines for all purposes (wine and juices, table grapes and dried grapes) including young vines that are not yet productive.

    In acres that is 18.03868 million, and if there are an average of 1.9kg of chemicals per acre then that works out as roughly 34.300 tonnes of chemicals going into our world soils every year.
Grow More Organic vs Genetically Modified Organisms
Why Natural Wines?
Small Scale Regeneratively Farmed Vineyards
Agri-Business / Large Scale Wineries
Wines are generally made by independent winegrowers, friends or family groups
Wines are made from native grape varieties, allowed to express themselves freely, without the use of chemicals
Wine is grown in naturally healthy vineyards, with less harmful chemicals at every stage of the growing cycle
Wines are either organic, biodynamic or naturally produced using native yeasts
Vineyards are small-scale, located in fascinating “terroir”, with production levels generally under 50k bottles
Vineyards have good biodiversity and help preserve native species
Vineyards help to support local communities and are managed in a sustainable way
  • €99
    Represents tremendous value and is a durable investment in your own wealth, food security & personal development, rooting your commitment in a healthier future for us all.
  • 12 weeks
    It is designed as a 12 week self-guided course, go at your own pace, but it is time-bound, this is to encourage you to finish it and to commit to your own investment, in your own future as well as the planet's.
  • Interactive Learning
    Learn through various formats, have the chance to visit some of the vineyards mentioned. Join in the forum, join part of the Grow More community and create your own local network.
  • More Than Wine
    A first of its kind course. Wine is only a part of this big idea, this course is designed to encourage you to meditate, to evaluate and to challenge your own thought patterns and processes, and to take positive actions into your world.
  • Support Our Soils
    Learn literally from the ground up, learn about soils and soil health, about nutrition and exercise and how you can help the wider community of regenerative agriculture. Yes!
  • Spiritually Evolving
    This is a course designed to radically change the way the wine world operates, how even alcohol is viewed and used and how we can lift the veil and embrace our roots (literally). Invest in your future today!
About tHE mission
We are a team of professionals working across a variety of sectors involving food and wine, agriculture, as well as mental, physical, and spiritual health and the health of the soul. We are enthusiastic and passionate learners, farmers, practitioners and adventurers who believe that every kind of journey can be exciting, active and diverse, as well as nurturing, compassionate and based on love.